Cold Dead Hands isn’t just another advocacy group.

If our name didn’t make it clear, we have no plans of sacrificing your freedom to lobbyists.

Cold Dead Hands stands for you, and your liberty as an American – we are resolved to defend the Right To Bear Arms. Why? Unlike the Washington D.C. lobbyist groups, Cold Dead Hands wasn’t founded by politicians¬†or lawyers. We were founded by blue collar advocates, people who truly care about defending America’s liberty – people just like you.


We Stand For:

Cold Dead Hands resolves to defend the Right To Bear Arms from further infringements & advance pro-gun legislation through organized grass-roots legislative efforts.

Legislative Goals:

  • Permitless “Constitutional Carry”
  • Exempt guns from local laws
  • Self Defense legal protections
  • Defeat anti-gun Restrictions on importing lawful firearms


Where other advocacy groups fall short is in failing to teach gun owners to ADVOCATE FOR THEMSELVES.

Ask yourself, would America be COMPLETELY divided on gun rights if more gun owners were educated and able to inform others effectively?

Education In Action!

  • Reliable coverage of news events
  • Firearms Legislation updates
  • Learn the Founding Fathers intent for gun rights in America

Here’s how you can help fund Cold Dead Hands advocacy efforts!

We aren’t like the other guys.

When you decide to help support Cold Dead Hands, you remain in control.

We don’t ask our supporters to pay member dues. If you want to support Cold Dead Hands, make a contribution by purchasing one of the thousands of products available from our online store.


The Cold Dead Hands store features our line of apparel & thousands of other products!

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