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REVIEW: Liquid Eyewear – Precision Made in the USA.

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Patrick James’ Gadsden Shades:
Patrick James' Gadsden ShadesThe first thing I noticed as I took everything out of the package was of course the “Gadsden flag” colored hingeless aluminum frames. Extremely lightweight and easily adjustable to any head size, I immediately slid them on and began to tweak them until they fit perfectly. Continuing to rummage carefully through the rest of the contents, I found that Liquid Eyewear included extra nose pieces to further customize the fit of these sweet spec”s as well as a nice soft microfiber sock in which they reside, when not in use. I also ordered the “gasket” option, needed for some of the more extreme activities I find myself doing and at first glance, they made me a little leery. After following the directions, Yes I read the directions, I applied them to the frames and with the incredible fit and technology used in making them, I have goggles as well as glasses.

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Cold Dead Hands Reviews: 2Hawks Tomahawks

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2Hawks Warbeast TomahawkOnce in a while something comes along that completely catches you off guard and takes you back in time. This is exactly what happened to me, the day I walked up to Devin Price’s table at the Wannemacher Gun show in Tulsa. I was captivated by the display of ‘old world’ tomahawks laid out on the table. Saying his hawks are a work of art is almost an understatement to their beauty… because truthfully they are mesmerizing. If you are a ‘blade guy or girl’ (I don’t want to insult our beautiful counterparts), you might understand my captivation. I can’t quite figure out if it’s the beauty of the 6150 High Carbon chromium steel heads with the patented 2Hawks bluing or the dark stained hickory handle, but I do know one thing, the combination of the two creates a visual effect that parallels no other hawk I’ve seen or held. After that show, I went home and did a little research on 2Hawks and this is what I found:

“Maker of the finest precision working tomahawks in the world, Two Hawks (the late Robert Thalmann) lived and worked less than a mile upstream of an 1846 American Fur Company trading post on the upper Missouri River. These tomahawks are precision machined and ground, and honed on leather to a razor edge, in the cutler’s shop behind his 1884 home in Fort Benton, Montana.